This portfolio includes only my personal works. I have worked in several companies and sharing information about of all the applications which had developed are strictly forbidden. But I have worked on several applications like automations which works with windows services, parsing applications, data mining applications, prediction algorithms, calculation modules, protocol applications, ASP.NET pages with displaying charts and MVC applications.

For this portfolio I have wanted to share my personal works which I am currently developing for my self and further projects.

Those projects are shared on my github account which you can make a review on code and you might get an opinion how I code.



Sense framework (SF) is a system bus which integrates different modules on one structure. It provides Interfaces to n-tier modules to be combined in one bus. It developed to provide SOA support for n-tier application development.

SF gives ORM options to developer which are Entity Framework, MongoDb, NHibernate. Sense Framework, contains repository pattern, AOP objects, Unit of work etc. It uses Castle Windsor for inversion of control.

Sf is currently in development state so there is no released version on nuget or somewhere else.



Library OS is an application environment which made of many applications. All modules are using Sense framework structure.

It includes a windows service application, a mvc application and a wpf application for user experience. Also it has a console application for debugging and testing before release of the windows service.